Who is Brian?

Brian Harte Photography is my life. I almost never switch off. When I’m not working on clients’ photographs, I’m working on my own. I lose track of time and get swept along by the magic.

I almost became an optometrist, but realised I’d spend the rest of my life working with the wrong sort of lenses. I woke up one morning, after two-and-a-half years of study, and thought ‘I don’t want to do this anymore’.

So I left and followed my passion.

I almost became a film-maker. In fact, I did make a film. It was about a tattooist in Bradford. It had lots of still shots in it. I should have read the signals.

And one day, I got the chance to work in a darkroom. I was just going to develop a few prints. It wouldn’t take long. 12 hours later, I emerged. I hadn’t eaten. I hadn’t spoken to anybody. I hadn’t even been to the loo.

I was hooked.

Mind you, I haven’t been in a darkroom for quite some time now. These days, my work is exclusively digital. It’s faster, more creative and infinitely more flexible. And it means I can sit down for those 12-hour marathons. I can even have the light on.