Questions & Answers

01. How long will you be with us on our wedding day?TOP

I arrive in time to cover the bride’s preparations, then the ceremony itself and the early part of the reception until you and your guests sit down to eat. But you can book me to stay right through until the early hours of the morning if you like.

02. What do you do before and after the day?TOP

Before the wedding, I stay in constant contact, so I know about any last-minute changes or special requests. I also check out the venue, if it’s local, so I’m familiar with the layout and can work out the best angles for shots.

After the day, I focus on ‘post production’, sorting through hundreds of shots, selecting the best ones and taking care of all the technical details.

03. Where are you based?TOP

I’m based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, but work all over the UK.

04. Do you charge for travel and accommodation?TOP

For weddings outside of my local area, I charge travel at 50p a mile. In addition, I charge for an overnight stay for me and my assistant, to ensure we’re in place before the action starts.

05. Do you ever work on more than one wedding per day?TOP

Never. I am booked exclusively for one wedding on any one day, which means I can focus on your wedding and nothing else

06. Can you take formal group photos as well as informal ones?TOP

Yes. Although my style is informal, if you’d like some group photographs, that’s no problem. We can chat about it when we get together before the day.

07. Do we need to feed and water you?TOP

Yes please! A hot meal will do for me and my assistant, preferably near the dining room. That means we’ll be able to eat and still capture the speeches and candid shots of your friends and family enjoying each other’s company while drinking and eating.

08. Are you qualified?TOP

I have my LBIPP from the British Institute of Professional Photographers and a BSc in digital imaging.

09. Is digital photography as reliable as conventional photography? Is the quality the same?TOP

Professional digital cameras now rival film cameras. They produce better photographs in lower light conditions than film cameras.

Is the quality of digital prints the same as ‘real’ photographs? I’m concerned they’ll look like inkjet prints.

Don’t worry. The prints come from professional photography labs, just like ‘real’ ones. They’re nothing like inkjet prints.

10. Is this style of photography going to make me look silly?TOP

No. It’s not about making you look silly, or embarrassing you or any of your guests. It’s about recording all the little things that make your wedding day unique. My aim is to take unobtrusive photographs of people just being themselves. So don’t worry that it’s some sort of ‘candid camera’ approach. It’s not.

11. Do you manipulate digital photographs?TOP

I check every image for the technical stuff (colour, contrast, tone, balance) and make adjustments if I need to.

I can also ‘tidy up’ photographs to remove blemishes, whiten teeth or even take away the odd wrinkle here and there, if you’d like me to.

12. Is photojournalism the same as reportage?TOP

Yes it is.