Wedding Photography by Brian Harte

Photojournalism: it’s all about telling a story. And what better story than the emotion, the tension, the humour, the drama, the sheer joy of your wedding day?

My job is to be an unobtrusive observer. That means I don’t get in the way. Nor do I go round telling people where to stand or what to do. I just record all those little things that go unnoticed by most people. The ones that bring the story to life.

But the day is too important to leave anything to chance. Preparation is what makes it all come together. That’s why I meet with you well before the day, so we can get to know each other, and you tell me just what you want.

Book a pre wedding day shoot to help you get a feel for how I work. It also means you’ll be much more relaxed for the real thing. I’ll be just another guest with a camera.

On the day itself, I can bring along an assistant – sometimes to shoot the same scene from a different angle, sometimes to help me be in two places at once.

And there’s no limit to the number of photographs we take, so you’ll have lots of shots to choose from. But don’t worry – I’ll help you do that too, so you can relive the magic all over again in years to come.

Have a look round to see how I work. Then give me a call. I’d love to tell your story too.