Questions & Answers

01. What’s the best weather for taking photographs? Does it need to be sunny?TOP

While a sunny day is very nice, it also creates high contrast and deep shadows, which we don’t always want. And an overcast day can provide some of the best conditions, with a gentle light and soft lines.

So don’t worry about the weather. I work with it or work around it. It’s all part of my photography.

02. Are you certified to work with children?TOP

Yes. I’ve been fully checked by the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau). I’ll be happy to show you my clearance.

03. What if I want to be photographed at the beach or in the mountains?TOP

No problem. That’s the fun part of my job. If you want to get up at 3am and travel to that beach in Scotland that holds fond memories, then let’s do it!

04. Are you qualified?TOP

I have my LBIPP from the British Institute of Professional Photographers and a BSc in digital imaging.

05. How many photographs should we expect to view from the shoot?TOP

Between 50 and 100.

06. Do you manipulate digital photographs?TOP

I check every image for the technical stuff (colour, contrast, tone, balance) and make adjustments if I need to.

I can also ‘tidy up’ photographs to remove blemishes, whiten teeth or even take away the odd wrinkle here and there, if you’d like me to.

07. After the shoot, how do we select our favourite images?TOP

That’s the fun part. We get together and I show you all the images in a digital presentation on a large screen. You pick the ones you like most.

08. Can I have friends and family help me select images?TOP

Of course you can.

09. What should I wear?TOP

This is probably one of the most frequently-asked of all questions.

The answer is simple: wear that you normally wear. If you’re not sure, just bring along a selection of your favourite things and I’ll help you decide. Or you could have a look at photographs in magazines to get some ideas.

My recommendation is smart-casual: denim/blue/black trousers, white tops or t-shirts. You might also want to bring a coat or jacket to drape round your shoulders, and some hats, fleeces, jumpers and sunglasses to add variety.

If I’m photographing you with other people, it’s probably best to make sure your colours or style don’t clash with everybody else’s. Unless that’s what you want, of course.

But there are no hard and fast rules. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and natural. That’ll make the best photos.

10. Is digital photography as reliable as conventional photography? Is the quality the same?TOP

Professional digital cameras now rival film cameras. They produce better photographs in lower light conditions than film cameras.

Is the quality of digital prints the same as ‘real’ photographs? I’m concerned they’ll look like inkjet prints.

Don’t worry. The prints come from professional photography labs, just like ‘real’ ones. They’re nothing like inkjet prints.

11. Is this style of photography going to make me look silly?TOP

No. Silly is staring at the camera as if you’re a waxwork, wearing formal clothes you don’t feel comfortable in and being on your best behaviour.

This is all about bringing out the real you. You’re not ‘acting up’. You’re just being yourself!