Family Portraits

Family Portrait photography by Brian Harte


There’s nothing quite like that one little word to make people freeze, is there? You’re almost guaranteed the opposite reaction. Even if they force a smile, it always shows in the end result. Smiling on demand is like crying on demand. It just doesn’t work.

So I never say ‘smile!’ but people always do. Why? Because they’re relaxed and having fun. We joke, we laugh, we chat, we play.

Whether we’re on the beach, in a playground or up a tree, I try to make sure it’s fun. And it shows.

Maybe it’s because I’m just a big kid, and my toys are expensive digital cameras. Or maybe it’s because we’re not stuck in a studio with a red velvet backdrop, a bunch of dried flowers and punishingly hot studio lighting.

My portrait photography is relaxed, informal and true to life. Look around and see for yourself.

Then why not give me a call? I promise I won’t say ‘smile!’

But you will.