Fun on a portrait shoot

Fun on a portrait shoot

I had great fun a few weeks ago on a portrait shoot and wanted to share some of the photos.

It all started when mum phoned up to book with me after buying a voucher at a school christmas fayre. From the outset I was excited as mum (Jenny) was excited at the possibility of having a fun day out while getting some beautiful memories of their children playing.

When I arrived I thought I might be in for a tough time when I was informed the shoot would be starting a little late as the eldest daughter wasn’t quite ready yet. I thought maybe she was worrying about makeup or her hair but was told that she could well be sitting on the roof outside of her bedroom window contemplating the world and that nothing apart from Doctor Who could cause her to move any faster.

When she came downstairs I knew that colour was going to form a major part of the photographs and I went in to overtime thinking of all the possibilities. We started off near some yellow gauze in a pocket of trees around the corner from where they lived….

I then found some blue garage doors with a great texture nearby…

…where the VERY chatty youngest started drawing for me a pig in her diary. I don’t think she went anywhere without her diary all day! While we were travelling between places she read me a few lines which turned out to be quite profound (it could have been influenced by the lyrics of her older sisters songs).

Portrait of a girl writing in her diary. Portrait photographer in Leeds.

Portrait of a girl drawing in her diary. Portrait photographer in Leeds.

We then went on to the blue bell woods…

…where more fun was had.

The sun was out and it was starting to get a little warm so they cooled off by having a water fight with dad…

Next it was off to the stables to exercise their horse. They offered to drop me back but I was having too much of a good time and opted to come along instead.

I wanted to take some original photographs of the girls and their horse so I started off with this fun shot of the horse eating grated carrot off the young girls hat!

I took the next photograph as it appealed to me as the alternative photograph of the day. I wasn’t sure if the family would buy the photograph but I wanted it in the slideshow I’d present to them. I am happy to say they loved it and bought it!

I fell over myself to get the following shot as she was actually riding out of the stables when I saw the possibility.

Another stripy socks alternative portrait by portrait photographer in Leeds, Brian Harte

I’d like to thank the family for their warm welcome and their enthusiasm on the day. I felt total at home with them and hope to keep in touch.

  1. Z
    November 23, 2008 at 3:10 pm

    wow! i had no idea i was so interesting. but i really am, arnt i! anyway. the photos are wonderful and my mom has them hung all over the house!

    from z.